As the newest bank in fast-growing Henry County, FirstBank of Henry County faced stiff competition. Local and national players in the market were all fighting for a piece of the growing market, particularly with residents new to Henry County. Low awareness and only one branch FirstBank had a slow start out of the gates.


The primary objective of the branding campaign was to position FirstBank of Henry County as the bank of choice for customers who craved personal attention, a place where they wouldn’t be treated as “just a number”. This is Banking the way it used to be.


To accomplish this goal, we developed a marketing plan and new branding campaign that speaks to the heart of what made FirstBank different, and so loved by its customers. The new campaign had dramatic success, FirstBank quickly grew to the number 2 spot in Henry County and opened several new branches to expand its reach. Financially, the bank was a success as well, operating at a healthy profit before being bought by Regions Bank as part of the Fed’s reorganization in 2009.